So..having tried a mono ski for 3 hours this morning, I can confirm that it’s harder than a two ski device.

That being pretty pedictable, I wonder why the French insist you go on a mono before they try you on a Bi.
All will be revealed perhaps tomorrow, when I ski a harder area on a Bi.
Today I ate a lot of snow, but didn’t let it get me down.
I wasn’t ‘tethered’ to Jean-Jacque, my instructor, though he did have the option of holding the bar behind me to ‘drive’ me when it got tricky. The thing is, due to general lack of sensation, I couldn’t tell half the time when I was in control or being driven.
Towards the end, I got better at it, it has to said, and it stands to reason that tomorrow I’ll be more balanced.
Well that’s my theory.

Dan and Saskia are looking after me extremely well. God knows how they got me, 3 kids in child seats, a wheelchair , a shower bench, 4 suitcases and themselves into the hire car.
Then last night they carried me in my chair up a flight of steps, with a bloody great right angle in it, whereupon shortly after I fell asleep, prompting them to carry me down again.
It’s gotten a lot easier to get into high cars of late, having abandoned my wooden plank transfer technique and adopted one I saw on YouTube.
I still need the seat of my pants grabbed and pushed in the right direction, but it does seem to be easier..

Seeing how capable my mates are with their kids does reinforce what I’m acutely aware I can no longer do with my own.

Sometimes I miss my legs so much, but I don’t think about it anywhere near as much as I did before.

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