I’m leaving this evening.
Despite this place giving me the horrors, I would stay longer if I had to, but I’d hate every second of it.

The blockage is cleared and my insides are functioning.

I’ve had no triride whilst hère so any forays outside have involved being pushed. God I am so uncomfortable mentally With it.
I’ve not had to be pushed for such a long time.

I’ve such drastic metalwork and am so FIXED that self propulsion is virtually impossible for me unless I’m on a smooth, totally level surface.

Around here is far from that.

Thanks to Gina and to Shanta for pushing me. I’ve hardly been cheerful I have to say.

My triride didn’t fit into Gina’s car when she brought me in at 2am on Wednesday. Bless her, she’d not driven into London for 40 years… she said… despite living just outside it.

It’s not like she’s even a poor driver. She’s actually very good. I navigated and she drove. Was easy.
Obviously she had eventually to take her car back, which she did a few days later, and drove at a peak traffic time.. again no problem.
If she leaves it another 40 years, she’ll be dead.
I’ll bet death comes first and driving in again never happens.
She’s happy so that’s cool.

The plumbing in this room is really dodgy. It makes noises like furniture being dragged across the floor. Every 20 seconds or so it sounds that way.
If it was in your home you’d never tolerate it. In a hotel, you’d leave.
I couldn’t do that. Stuck for days.
I was transferred from a different room. That was because the TV didn’t work at all. I swapped no TV for a serious plumbing issue. I didn’t expect either in a ‘ posh hospital’
In this room there’s a seriously fancy ceiling hoist. They don’t use it. Not serviced of late they said. I don’t think that’s the real reason tho. The staff have clearly never used it? Bizarre. It’s the kind of kit most paralysed people would die for. Here… not even used. Instead they grapple with a Mobile hoist. Like wheeling in a crane into a small room.
There’s no logic to so much that goes on here.
I live by logical process and the absence of it I find actually disturbing.
I bet if i came back to this room in a year nothing will have changed. I just get that impression of this place – layer upon layer of administration rather than anyone fixing anything. 🤦‍♂️ Good grief.

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