I have been up against it recently.
My ex wife is still Hell bent on a ( doomed to fail ) mission of financial retribution. My daughters ally by default with her, and a recent Ex has decided that any hurt she can do me must be a good thing…

The Sorority Alliance hath fury… for sure, though misguided fury.

It’s possible that they may be Crowdfunding for my termination.

I don’t recall a whole lot of medieval history from my early school days, but one phrase has always stuck with me – one that Henry the Second uttered … it was ‘ when will someone rid me of this meddlesome priest ?’

Mmmm substitute ‘ ex wife’ for ‘priest’ and it’s perfect.

Until recently I was of the opinion that if more countries were led by women, there’d be less war.
Now, thinking about it, I’m not at all sure. Women, when they put their minds to it, are far more unkind than men.

And are certainly just as vengeful, with a shocking level of vitriol.
Oh, and scheming.

Thankfully there are also some lovely ones that aren’t like that, too.

Until they too, turn 😳😂

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