So I’m invited to a party, by HostNation, the organisation that I signed up to, and met by refugee buddy.

The lady that organised it was very keen for me to go.
Yesterday I’d messaged her to say it was going to be tricky as I had a later commitment in any case.

Today she phoned to persuade me to go.
Now clearly, they know I’m in a wheelchair. .. she offered to help with a taxi for me, to ‘ make it easier’.

I just had an inkling that I should check Accessibilty.. at the venue.

I asked the lady and she said.. yes I think it is, but I’ll check…

Alarm bells time. You ‘ think’ it is? You haven’t made absolutely certain that it is, before trying to persuade me to come?

So I caught a Tube train and wheeled to the address.

Just the 3 steps outside

And the 7 more inside.

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