This is the kind of thing that happens to people in wheelchairs.
Today I attached my Triride to the front of my chair. It took ages because something has moved a bit and no longer does it slide on as it ought. Anyway that bit is fixable ( hopefully later when I get home )

I had a bag of popcorn between my legs ( like you do ). Whilst trying to get the tri on, one of the clamps I have to do up fell onto the floor. Because I can’t bend down to pick it up, I had to reverse ( with the thing only half clamped on ) until I could reach my grabber, so that I could pick up the clamp. As I reversed tho the clamp got caught in the footrest so came back with me, rather than staying where I could get it. In the process of trying to reach it, the bag of popcorn slipped from between my legs ( well it’s not like I can use my legs to grip the bag, and can’t even feel the bag ) and not knowing that it was on the floor.. I then ran over it and it exploded …

Good grief.

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