On trains they have a ‘ disabled carriage’, right.

That’s where ( some ) staff want you to be. It’s not obligatory because often I’m not put in that one. What’s ESSENTIAL though is that the staff in the station where you are getting off know which carriage you are in, so that they know where to put the ramp…
Today, after a sequence of calamities with the tickets, the delays and confused staff, I’m eventually helped into a train to Sevenoaks.
The very next stop and there’s another chap ( profoundly disabled ) In a very large powered chair ( assisted by his Carer ). Where do they want to put him ? In the Disabled carriage, with me. All the wheelchairs together.. except there quite clearly isn’t enough room… because I’m quite long with my Triride, and he’s like a juggernaut in his vehicle. Tbh it’s absolutely bloody obvious that two into one won’t go, yet still they try 🤷
Ultimately it’s left to ME ( voice of logic?? ) to suggest that I get off, and they put me in a different carriage, and tell Sevenoaks that I’ve moved carriages.

But good grief… it’s really not rocket science, is it ?

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