So after what? 5 weeks of restrictions I get ( suddenly?) identified as vulnerable…

Yesterday I got an email from ASDA saying that I could have a priority slot because I’m vulnerable ( tho actually on the website it didn’t seem to recognise me as such and the first available slot is in 15 days….. booked! And then I get a call from Hounslow Council, and then today I get a food parcel turn up!

It’s a while since I’ve had Mighty White sliced bread and tinned pork, along with a tin of Del Monte fruit cocktail ( and other delights ) but hey I’m not going to starve… mind you for all the lack of urgency in the Vulnerable Response Team, I could have wasted away and died by now.

6 thoughts on “💥!

  1. Sounds like a lovely selection of the sort of healthy food you’re used to! Any toilet rolls in there??

    1. There was a nice Tin of pork.
      That’s a first!?
      Possibly it’s stuff they can’t get rid of down the Food Bank?

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