Post break up is obviously a tricky time, so I’ve thrown myself into lots of exercise.
A week in and actually it’s amazing how my ravaged body still somehow responds positively.
Im using my arm crank for a hour every day and varying what I do on it. Always it’s hard tho ! I don’t take any prisoners when it comes to exercise. Benefits – better body ( what’s left of me ) and definitely better sleep.
Ive always always said that the best cure for insomnia is loads of exercise. You have no Choice but to sleep.

Wendy recommended something called an Airofit. It’s resistance lung training. You inhale or exhale via a mouthpiece like a snorkel mouth part, and connect to an app on your phone which tells you what to do in the sessions. It’s all about increasing your lung capacity. For me that means I’d be more Covid resistant, and have a louder voice hopefully ( cos it’s been very quiet for 7 years! ) At the start my lung capacity was less than 3 litres ( half what it was pre injury ). I’ll see what happens.. but already after a week I’m DEFINITELY breathing differently and more deeply.
Not cheap at £250 but for me it may produce a dramatic difference.

And my resting pulse rate is now 52.. which is good.
Pre injury it was 37, but hey!

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