One of the numerous things that you didn’t really think about in relation to wheelchairs is how much they F up carpets. My regular tyres do, and the Triride front wheel more so. Well you wouldn’t ride your bicycle around and over your bedroom carpets, would you?

So despite my carpets actually having been replaced ( for free ) after a leak in December, they were already pretty shitty tbh. So I thought I’d replace it with wood in my bedroom. Step up the amazingly practical Rob C, my Yukon partner, who offered to fit my floor for me. All I had to do was give him wine in the evenings, which wasn’t too difficult.

Top man Rob ! Fantastic job, and bugger me a wooden floor does actually make moving around the bedroom far better, as well as all the other advantages.

Just need the rest of the carpets done now… 😉

Thanks to Cressida for last night, and sorry for shouting out inappropriate comments during your speech – my Tourette’s is getting worse?

Good to see Chris B last week too. You can’t beat seeing mates you have known for bloody ever. If I was a spiritual type, I’d say something like I feel the stars are realigning, or something….

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