I just got a call from social services. She said that I ought have a hospital bed, that’s higher up and moves electronically.
I said yes, that would be better, and can I have a double so that my girlfriend fits in too.

I could hear the whirring of brain waves at the other end… ‘ you what?! You disabled people want to have the same as us normal people?! You aren’t happy to sleep alone for the rest of your lives?! The ingratitude of it! ‘

But after the whirring had stopped I heard ‘ sorry, we hear that a lot, but doubles aren’t available. Maybe one day ‘

I said ‘ well what about my human rights? Isn’t it discriminatory? ‘ Obviously it was tongue in cheek, but of course it’s a serious point – even nighttime company is denied you officially. If ever you want company at night, it’s after you have suffered the catastrophic effects of your body having been smashed to bits.

But they don’t think about that. If I was morbidly obese and 300 pounds, because I had eaten myself to that condition , maybe they’d give me a larger bed..? Food for thought…

I said I’d keep the bed I have then.

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