Well I have to say that Ga.R.y Numan is bloody good. If you don’t actually look at him, and just listen and ‘ be there’ he’s brilliant.
If you look at him then you see a short rolypoly fella just a bit too old to be in a skirt and ‘ dancing’ in a very ‘ unique ‘ way. …

Numan gets 9/10. Me n Chris had a laugh and the bus stop right outside has a no 31 bus that goes all the way to my street, pretty much?! How useful is that?! Shame you can’t get the same bus in the opposite direction tho. I caught a tube to Westminster and them Triride’d 6 miles through London. Christ the roads are hard to navigate, packed and in TERRIBLE condition. That 6 miles took 90 minutes?! I think I got lost a few times using my compass, which I think gets confused by my metal Triride. For some reason my phone navigation wasn’t talking to me. Anyway I got there ok, after seeing Pia for a cuppa, and before that G.

Busy, me!

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