I’ve just been in Poundland and the Unthinkable happened.

We wanted to pay for just one item. The assistant said ‘ I’ll just find out how much this is ..’

Hang on, it’s POUNDLAND! We know how much it is, that’s the whole concept of the business!?

Anyway, she came back after 2 minutes… and GUESS WHAT!!

It was 25p.

2 thoughts on “Wow

  1. Russell,
    I look in at your blog regularly still, but haven’t commented on anything for a while as I don’t want to be intrusive. It’s very pleasing that life is so much more positive for you. You really deserve some good stuff happening. Long may it last. I enjoyed the story about your nephews. Regards. Mark Halliday. PS the film thing didn’t work for me; the maths suggested Raiders of the Lost Ark, but nothing on that list for me beats The Good the Bad and the Ugly. 🙂

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