So cute.

Wendy talks in her sleep, as in she talks a lot about all sorts of things. It’s possible to have a full conversation with her, although it doesn’t always flow logically. Typically the conversations involve the welfare of animals… as she is the world’s biggest animal lover.

Last night she suddenly said ‘ do foxes kill things, or just eat dead things?’

I knew she was asleep, as she would definitely know the answer to her own question. I said ‘ yes, they do both ‘

She said ‘ do they kill ducks?’

I said ‘ yes, but normally the ducks are in the water, so probably not often ‘

She said ‘ oh… well do you think I should go outside and just check?’

As it was 4am, pitch black outside, and she wasn’t wearing any clothes at all, I said ‘ no darling, I think the ducks are all ok ‘

(Thankfully ) she then went back to sleep…

One thought on “So cute.

  1. I hope Wendy doesn’t sleep walk and ask the nearest person that she meets “Have you seen m y Fanny”. Love Margaret x x I hate to think what the reply will be….

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