Last night I went to my work place, the first time in almost 9 months.

My lab manager, Nev, picked me up from home and drove me in.

I wanted to ‘facilitate’ in an optometry peer discussion evening.
Twenty professional staff were there to earn continuing education points, an annual requirement these days.
I was, to be honest, a little nervous about going in, but knew it would be easier surrounded by my loyal staff, and without the public on the premises.

To my dismay, I could do very little in my consulting room of 15 years. Most instruments were out of reach, desk tops were either too high, or had legs that got in the way of my chair, and my lack of core muscular use rendered me liable to fall into the lap of any potential patient – awkward at best…

On the plus side, I chaired the discussion fairly confidently ( aware that my voice is weak ) and engaged everyone in the talk pretty successfully, as was my facilitator’s obligation.

All my staff there were a delight. I don’t think I’ve been kissed so much since my wedding day.
I’d like to thank them all for making it easier for me.
And for the kisses.

As is my wont, I tried to get as many as possible to come for a drink afterwards. About half did, and stayed for a couple of hours.
We had a lot of fun, perhaps something that’s been missing a little since my unscheduled spine injury.
Mitul and Jas drove me home to Chiswick too, and unpacked me the other end.

So good and bad – I can still be a positive force at work via my experience and personality, but currently in terms of being able to ‘practice’ I’m very limited, until room equipment and furniture is replaced.
Lots to think about.

3 thoughts on “Work.

  1. Ah, but what you learned is that your brain is still tip-top, and your leadership, management skills and 15 years of experience are all incredibly valuable and important to your business and team.
    They can change the room; you can’t replace what you’ve got.

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