When I’m cleaning windows.

I had a ukulele lesson yesterday, from my friend Sarah. She’s a music teacher, so does know her stuff, and can play pretty much every instrument as far as I know.
Personally I’ve never learned to play anything until now, but she showed me a few chords.. that I now have to practice. Give me 20 years and I might manage a tune – cos I really don’t think I’m a natural!

The other first is me cooking. My daughter Lily suggested I try Hello Fresh, that thing where all the ingredients turn up in a box ( for say 3 meals ) and then you follow the instructions ( or recipes I think they are called ).
To my absolute amazement I managed to do the first 3 and they tasted pretty good, even though I definitely wasn’t that adherent to the instructions ( I mean recipes ) I really had no experience of ever using more than one pan, or anything taking more than a few minutes from start to finish – I mean how long does it get beans on toast ready?

I’m in danger of becoming a new man – what with my emotional sensitivity and compassion, and now cooking in between playing a weeny guitar type thing. Would I have done either without the Lockdown? Probably not. So there are 2 good effects! I can’t think of any other upsides but hey.

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