When my front wheel came off in Brentford high st a few weeks ago, it was a fella from South Wales ( called Jason ) who came to my aid. He got a wrench and got my wheel back on. If he hadn’t happened to have been there I’m not sure what I’d have done…

I saw him again today and he was talking about the building works here. They are turning Brentford into the jewel of West London ( and I’m not kidding ). There’s so much riverside potential here, that for a hundred and 50 years has been hidden behind the town’s industrial past. In a few years it’ll be piazzas and riverside cafes ..

Anyway, he was telling me about the tomb they unearthed that the archaeologist said was 1700 years old, it being a stone casket type thing… that could have only belonged to a nobleman. Also they found a large bottle pit with many unbroken jars, bottles and containers. The lads had nicked quite a few and stashed them ( typically Welsh behaviour ) … having looked on eBay and realised they were all £100 plus to collectors.. however the site manager found their hiding place and declared them property of the contractor.
Hopefully they’ll end up not on eBay but in some local collection that’s for public view.

I wonder if I’ll be dug up in 1700 years time and they wonder if I was an early robot, given how much of me is metal…?

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