Weigh hey.

Today they weighed me.

More accurately, they weigh me plus the wheelchair, then get me out of it, then weigh just the chair, then work out the difference.

Verdict: about 183 pounds – that About 7 pounds more than when I got here.

As it’s not fat – I would know if it was – it’s muscle/ increased leg bone density.

That being the expected outcome of the experiment, that’s good.

What’s not so good, is the extra ‘dead’ weight that I have to now push around with my arms – and I have noticed pushing is getting harder, not easier.

I hadn’t forecast that bit, if I’m truthful.

Before my injury i’d spent most of the last 13 Easters in a canoe.
It was a bit contentious with Dani, and pretty unpleasant for me too ( though my own daft choice ).

Yet again I’m away from my family at Easter, again by choice, but for a totally different reason. I’d trade this one here, alone, for one spent in a canoe for 18 hours non stop.

I found this picture on line.
I’m in it, grey T Shirt.


Happy Easter 🙂

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