After my various trials and tribulations On The Buses, I was offered by Transport for London a visit from a person to assess my wheelchair ( and Triride attachment ) to see if it was acceptable to travel on buses. If approved then I would get a special card, with my picture on it, and also a picture of me in my chair with Triride, that I can brandish to any london bus driver who says I can’t get on his bus, by way of saying ‘ Too bad mate, you’ve gotta let me on, because I have a special pass, and if you don’t you’ll be in big trouble ‘

The chap visiting was called Aerial. Needless to say I gave him a good reception ( there’s a joke in their somewhere ) at my flat, and he had a look and had a chat, and said ‘ it’s absolutely obvious that you should be let onto any bus, and I am sorry. Please call me directly if you encounter any more difficulty with any driver ‘

So that’s good then! Trouble over….. mmmm we’ll see.

Lots more happened of late –

had a Court Verdict that I’m not yet allowed to talk about, as it’s yet to be formalised,

been to a fascinating talk about world climate change with particular reference to Bangladesh, and what they are doing there by way of preparing for inevitable sea level rise. You see, it’s so low lying that loads of it will disappear under water with enormous effects on economy and population migration. The panel there included the world’s biggest cheese on the subject who said it’s theoretically possible to halt and even reverse the changes, but there is absolutely no time at all at all at all to waste, or we’ll soon actually reach the point of no return, where reversal is no longer possible

went to a festival ( Community- Finsbury Park ) – good bands but strangely muted and unenergetic crowd ( maybe because it was a Sunday and peeps take less drugs and drink less than they would on a Saturday?

been to a fetish party ( yep, lots of narcotic action there I suspect )

saw the amazing Cress in an outdoor theatre production of Salad Days

had my catheter renewed ( glamorous ) but without copious bleeding this time around,

and been to the funeral and send off of the very late ( but he actually always was ) Colin White. Loads of people there, I did make one of many speeches about Col, and it was a send off that he’d have approved of for sure. Saw lots of people there that I hadn’t seen for ages, with some that had avoided speaking to me for a long time now sort of having no choice but to ( or just look pretty bad for ignoring me ). It’ll be interesting to see whether they will now be able to maintain the geniality going forward too! For West London and for Chiswick Colin’s passing is the closing of a chapter. The man did so much! He saved my bacon once or twice, and he didn’t bar me from his club probably only because he liked me. I saw him in hospital a lot in 2018, but then it became hard to do that once he’d moved into a care home 40 odd miles away. My Triride doesn’t go that far, and isn’t allowed on motorways. However I did visit him with the help of his son about a month ago. Dementia is a very sad thing, and his onset was probably 10 years ago, though he was so eccentric and not rule abiding that it was hard to tell what was just Col, and what was irrational behaviour. I reckon it’d be hard to spot early in me for the same reasons… But rest in peace my old chum, and you’ll NEVER be forgotten.

So all in all a busy time then. I have a new carer too, which is going well. G spent far too much time enjoying herself with me and decided to go and use her skills to rescue someone else in need, which is understandable, and someone else stepped in.

I’ve even watched some Women’s football and the odd bit of tennis. The women are more watchable than the men, and you can check them out whilst observing their footwork ( if you like ) and the English females do actually have a hope, unlike their male counterparts.

Right, gotta go.

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