Riverside life…

Had my super hot ( lady ) gardener around yesterday. For a lady that chick is strong as…. you know what.

I’ve been trying to figure out why my garden smells like something died in it for the last month.

Turns out it was this plant with flowers that bloomed really nasty smelling flowers, or started to, about a month ago. So she dug the whole lot up and put wood chips over the area instead, and put a large drift log that she pulled out of the canal at one end to encourage wildlife, all whilst wearing little shorts.. it’s hard just watching and not doing, but there can be consolations…

As I write this I can hear an estate agent showing the flat upstairs to prospective buyers. Just as they stepped out onto the little balcony upstairs above me, to take a look at the canal view in front of me, a canal boat motored past with 2 young fellas on top. One of them shouted to another bloke on the towpath ‘ Oi, what you doing, you lazy fucking bell end!? ‘ To which the reply was ‘ Go fuck yourself, you pissed twat !’

I’ve never heard any boaters swearing this last year until they moment… but I think we can quite safely assume the flat above isn’t going to sell today…..!

You gotta laugh…..😂

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