My name is Russ and 5 years ago I had a cycling accident resulting in paralysis from the chest down.
There is a fair bit that I cannot do for myself, and need assistance with
I need a live in assistant who can job share so that there is a break, as life with me is very busy.
I do far more than most people who are not paralysed, and want someone that is up for a laugh, fit enough to keep going ( as I do ) and wants to do different things every day of the week.
I’m definitely unique in my needs, and basically a capable person who is able to use their initiative and live life to the full.
You’ll get plenty of sleep, but I can absolutely guarantee that it will not be at the same time every night.
I need someone that is young enough to keep going, yet old enough to appreciate life and its complexities.
I don’t need a ‘ carer’ – I need a help, that wants to live an active and varied and fun life that they get paid to do. If I wasn’t actually the paralysed one, I’d love the job myself!

I live in West London in a very cool place, and you obviously get your own room and own bathroom.

Dream Job and Great Pay for having a laugh.

4 thoughts on “WANTED

  1. Russ i hadn’t read you blog for a week until yesterday so and was moved from wanting to scream on your behalf to laughing my head off at some of the comnents you made .

    I read your blog because I live far away and to be honest you rarely almost never discuss your situation with Dani & the girls .. you could count on one hand and this is huge kudos to you ( I have no idea the where’s and why fors of what happened or did happen ) the main thing is you are never bitchy or slanderous .. in my opinion !! ( just funny about her boyfriend pants !!

    I started reading your blog when you were in a coma . As I had known the fit athletic smart arse Russ and genuinelu wanted news of your progress . I then continued to read when you took and For someone had his life turned upside down inside out and takes life by the balls each day – Your blog makes me less moany and makes me get off my arse somedays when I am being a bit girly !!

    The main thing is that the blog works for you and that you can blow off and chat in a safe and trusting environment ! And you are very entertaining sarcsstic witty and make me giggle !

    Now ffs sort out a decent healthy active career .. can’t believe how thick the English girl was !! Def a product of the love island 🌴 plastic world that is predominant in UK life !! Gone 8 years and have managed to miss made iin Chelsea and love island . Although if I read daily mail online to get my dose of UK life this is what I see

    Anyway .. keep being busy and motivated and so glad you have a lovely girlfriend hugs c

  2. Hi Russ, I’m sending you a potential carer called Lar Fermor. Toby, Stuarts son recommended him for us so he’s come recommended. I’ve not met him but spoken to him on the phone and he sounded great albeit he was talking about mentally challenged clients and while you’re clearly very difficult I’m not putting you in that category. Worth a conversation I think.

    1. Thanks Andrea!
      You should have known me when I could walk!! I’m easy when I’m still!
      Made contact too. X

  3. That is a good description of me when my Husband was alive. The only difference I wasn’t getting paid to look after him and didn’t get any time off. It was 24 hours, seven days a week. If I wasn’t retired i would apply for the job. Love to you as always Margaret – You do make me laugh…. x x PS I am also good at B*M wiping and changing catheter bags.

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