My email to PROMEDICA


Ref my Carer:

She didn’t know my name when she arrived.

Or my address ( after 3 days of living here )

Hand picked for compatibility?

She doesn’t know her salary?

Today she has lost the keys to my home.
I deliberately gave them to her on a lanyard to go around her neck, having seen how absent minded she is.
She forgets an awful lot of things that she has done/ needs to do, things as simple as where she put my 2 cups of tea that she just made 2 Minutes prior.

Yesterday she gave me a bed bath. She managed to soak the sheets – as in properly soak them. There’s no thought process as to the problem with that when it comes to helping me get dressed in bed ie the clothes are then wet too. …That’s obviously not the right thing to do.

Every time she does something ‘ daft’ she says ‘ I am a woman, I don’t understand these things ‘

I need a woman that doesn’t think being female is a justifiable reason for doing something badly.

She’s just walked into the window, forgetting it was there.
It doesn’t help that she can’t see properly close up ( yes I am a 30 year qualified Specsavers ophthalmic director – so I can tell )
Yesterday she asked my girlfriend to assist her in getting my socks on. Really?
My girlfriend was taken aback.

I dare not ask her to drive me anywhere. I just don’t think we’d get there.
After all – she ‘ is a woman ‘ … right?

Wow – she has just walk into the SAME window – this time really hard.
Have you ever walked into a window? Probably a few times in a lifetime?
Have you walked into the same one you just walked into though?

Almost certainly not.

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