Up West

Today I had a very brief visit with Russ (sticking to my own guidelines!).  Russ, lovely to see you and the impressive progress you have made in the last 9 days since I was last there.  So good to be able to hear you and understand completely what you are saying…probably the first time in years!

I am glad you are getting through your smoothies but do make sure that you allow yourself plenty of time to eat your meals too…us visitors can wait, you need your grub to get strong.

I came back after my shopping expedition but the waiting room was completely chocca with lovely compliant friends all with confirmed slots on the calendar, I might add!  Lovely to see Sarah, Larry and their lovely boys, Trudi, Bob and Di and of course your little Bro, Stuart…Stu, thanks for not pointing out my sunburn/redness this visit! 😉

Hope to see you very soon.

Lots of love


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