Full on day.

Countless well wishing visitors have reduced me further to a wreck.
At one point there were 10 people waiting for me. A bit too tiring to be honest but nice that you all care….:) everybody’s been so generous with their time.
Good news on the neural side i that My toes have started twitching which I guess is good?!
They’re not doing it under my control but there is some connection between my tiny brain and my extremities I believe  
My right side is weaker than my left which shows up dramatically in the short physio sessions I’ve had, but I should be able to regain that.
I’m not accustomed to feeling feeble, as anyone who knows me can imagine, but it’s something I’ll have to deal with until I’m not..

Got a welsh flag on my wall now by the way, courtesy of Nick and Sophie.. Like it.
Saw Roy today ( and Alistair). I had a ticket for bloody Glastonbury , didn’t I !! Will I ever get to go now? Roy had a great time despite losing his wing man.  Good on the Roymeister.

The day has rushed by today. Was great to see my little brother, Stuart , who lives in Wales
Stu’s in the car trade and is about to import his first Mustang (1968)  
Any of you out there who want an American car, text me and I’ll put you in touch… Maybe you get a Californian babe with big ones thrown in, I’m not sure.

The food in this hospital really is restaurant standard. Sadly my appetite is sparrow sized, so missing out big style. I’ve just managed to actually slowly eat my fillet of salmon and fresh broccoli , but it was an effort, bloody hell.
Pavlova next hurdle.

Wish me luck.


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