Try again then.

Having seen how excited Fanny was to have Dick around, at least until Dick just couldn’t take any more Fanny, and died, I found myself phoning the shop and telling them what had happened, with a view to planning a replacement boyfriend. The shop insisted they give me another little birdie of my choice.

Off I went then in my chair with a little Dick between my legs, wrapped in plastic, as I wanted them to see how he looked. I hadn’t really thought about what might happen if I was stopped and searched ( as I was stopped by the cops the other day ) for the officer to find a dead budgie in my lap.

I can imagine him saying ‘ Sir, do you realise you can’t transport a live bird in a tight plastic bag?! In fact, by the looks of it, you’ve killed it! ‘ Follow me to the station…

Anyway that didn’t happen and I got there, chose the budgie who’d actually been the previous roommate of Dick in the shop ( on the basis that having been exposed to Dick for several weeks he was evidently very well and perky – so I don’t think that what Dick had was catchy ) and I brought her home in a little cardboard box with holes in it provided by the shop.

Having disinfected the cage etc that Dick was in, its now the home of TweetyPie, and she seems very happy in there.

I’m going to keep them way apart from one another for a while to make sure Tweety doesn’t expire… but 24 hours on and she’s all active and chirpy.

The 2 of them are cheeping to one another from different rooms, and it’s very cute tbh.

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