Tongue Tied

Hello everyone,

Today Russ has continued with his slowly but surely recovery.  Ribs take 4-6 weeks to recover and we are now very nearly at the 4 week stage so his chest should be healing well.  His lungs which were torn and ripped by his broken ribs are also healing but still need to have the help of a ventilator to ensure his oxygen and hemoglobin levels are high.  As his lungs heal and the swelling reduces the chances of any further cardiac episodes also subside. 
Russ is getting quite frustrated as the tracheotomy is still fitted which means he cannot talk.  He does mouth his words but is finding it very exasperating that he cannot be understood.  As difficult as this is for him (and those trying to understand) it is also probably quite a positive thing as it shows he is trying very hard to be back in the real world again and has the energy to show his frustrations.  
Russ’s eldest bro, Alwyn has flown in from the US (via LHR) tonight and will stay with Russ and Dani for a week.  I know Russ will be so thrilled to see Alwyn as he was unconscious during Alwyn’s last visit. The Dawkins boys, Stuart, Russ and Alwyn are very close.
Not sure where my mum’s update is tonight (Maybe she has had one too many verre du vin  and is having a night off!)…but for now it’s a good night from me and I am sure wherever she is it’s also a good night from her too! 🙂
Margo x 
My Christmas cracker hat made by Russ…hence Margo!:

Mum’s news came in eventually!

 Good evening everyone
Today was good again. Russ was very alert this morning and enjoyed seeing his beautiful daughters and was even more alert and " with it" this evening. Alwyn arrived from America tonight and will see him tomorrow. Russ has remembered that Alwyn is coming so the short term memory is looking good.
Dani has asked me to tell you all about Russ' fixation with the cabinet at the end of his bed. It is quite entertaining. He stares at it and motions to Dani to move it, which she does. When we return in the afternoon, the nurses have moved it back and we go through the whole procedure again. Dani was at pains to show him what is in the drawer but he is obviously "hung up" about it!
So, Russ looks stronger each day and we just can't wait until he can speak as he will feel much less frustrated, understandably.
The girls have been so wonderful with Russ and we shall miss Lily being here. She is going on a sailing trip around Sardinia. Fortunately, Amber is staying and she is being her usual amusing self with Russ, quite bossy actually.
Anyway, that's all the news.
Love to you all
Jenni x

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