I’m on my way to Sevenoaks against today. This time it’s by train. Having had a few mechanicals with my Triride of late, and because it’s raining pretty much all the time… I am going by train. Of course the train sounds like ( and is ) the sensible option, except I’ve definitely developed a fear of being stranded on the bloody things, because a few times now the guard hasn’t appeared with a ramp to get me off… and 18 inches is a bloody long drop in a wheelchair.
You have to question why there should be a step at all really. Why aren’t platforms higher, or trains lower, so that there’s level access? Wouldn’t that have been a sensible design? There must be thousands of historical mishaps due to the height differential, and it’s just harder for everyone when there’s a big step – people in chairs, peeps with prams, people with heavy luggage, getting people off in medical emergencies etc etc.

I had a discussion yesterday with a chap who should remain nameless about Sevenoaks. He talked with a kind of wonder about the town. Everyone male there is a wealthy banker, and they all live there with their amazingly hot wives ( he said ). He talked about going to a pub there, looking around and realising that there wasn’t a single woman in the pub that he wouldn’t sleep with… ( down to the level of pulchritude – that’s hotness ( rather than the degree of male slut he was btw )

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