I’ve been going on a public speaking course for 6 months. There was a monthly class, which did see the number of attendees shrink from 9 to 5 at the end.

Most people were there because they felt they really needed the coach to diminish their morbid fear or inability to write a speech and then perform it in public. Personally I wasn’t there for those reasons. I enrolled as the opportunity arose and at the time I was in a dark place in my head. What I’ve done consistently these last 5/6 years is to try, to try hard to make the best of my situation, and to try to make my life one that genuinely makes me smile.

I do think that I have got there, or at the very least I am GETTING there.

There was a tragic twist. One ( pregnant for the last few lessons) lady that attended most sessions, who was there to counter her fear of speaking in front of people, had to use what she had learned to write and perform a eulogy at her husband’s funeral. They went on holiday a few weeks ago and during the night he got up to use the bathroom, but collapsed and died once inside it, not living to see his unborn child ( due shortly, God willing )

Life can be cruel, can’t it? I know that more than most I think.

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  1. Please mention WAY (Widowed and Young) to your friend. It’s a peer support group specifically there for people under the age of 50 who lose their spouse / partner / significant other.
    Unfortunately I had need of this support myself 4 years ago and it helped me deal with the dark place I unexpectedly found myself after my significant other died in an accident.
    It took me 4 months to find and I think it would have been beneficial to have known about it sooner.

  2. That is tragic. How do you cope with losing your husband suddenly just before the birth of your child? Unbearably sad.

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