Thinking outside my box.

So most days I do pull ups. The bar is one of those that you put in your door frame. It’s about 5 foot 6 up and like I said, across the door frame to my spare bedroom.
It’s a hazard to anyone tall’ish, who’s not looking mind. People rarely walk into it. Well all except Toby who walks into it EVERY time he comes round, sometimes 2 or 3 times on the same visit…. I mean it’s stopped even being funny tbh!

Anyway, when I do pull ups I’m obviously sat in my chair. It’s best with my Triride attached to me, because that stops my legs going weird places.
The trouble is though, when I go up and down, my nuts fall between my legs. Obviously I can’t feel it happening, but when every time I stop for a rest, I reach down and have to drag the fellas upwards… and sometimes they are seriously wedged. I mean if I could feel it, it would be terrible I’m sure.
I’ve tried various ways of stopping it happening, but to no avail.

Well just now I saw a face mask hanging on a hook nearby.

Lightbulb moment!

I worked the face mask…. Ie the Sling (!) under the lads… and then tied the mask loops to my belt at the front.

A bollock hammock !

No more pull up ball crush worries for me!

If you pop round mine and feel the need to put on a face mask… you might want to avoid the light blue one hanging on a hook in the spare bedroom though ..

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