The week that was.

I went to see a play with Sarah last night – The Ocean at the end of the Lane is very good! It’s a bit too fantasy for me, very much Lion Witch Wardrobe etc but amazingly well acted and propped.. so if you like that kinda thing then go. It’s off putting that it’s in The Duke of York… but hey.
Thanks to Jo for a lovely day out too, and to Kerry for her ongoing text conversation… ( admittedly consisting of me taking the p out of her continually… but she seems to like it ? ) And thanks to Lizzy for lots of things.
I can see that my life sounds like The Hugh Hefner Diaries sometimes… but it’s not.

Ok it is sometimes.

Today I took my refugee fella to see Brentford lose to Wolves. Now that’s something that is happening a lot! Leigh came with me to watch us play Man Utd the other day, and we lost to them too.. I mean it’s not really that surprising is it when you think about it. Brentford always threaten a win, but recently that’s not happening much.
Today the game was stopped for 15 minutes because someone was flying a drone overhead… Brentford need some of those surface to air missiles I think, for this kind of thing.

I had an interview this week with Scope about being one of their peeps that goes out and talks to companies about Accessibilty…. and I think that will be something that’ll happen..

Thanks to Blind Paul for his hospitality at his on Thursday – good fun!

Cold though, innit.

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