The incident.

So yes, I was in Costa coffee.
This chap came in and was speaking very loudly.
He was telling the lady behind the counter that he’d just ‘ moved in upstairs ‘.
Could he please have a drink? He was polite but loud.
Then he asked the lady where she came from ( Latvia ) , how long she’d lived here, did she like it, what time did she knock off, that she was invited to come to his apartment for a drink after work, would she like to go to Kew Gardens with him etc etc etc.
He clearly didn’t ‘ see ‘ that she was politely and professionally declining everything he had proposed.

Having given up on pulling the Latvian, he then came and sat very closely to me.
Hello, be said.

Are you up for a chat?
Not at the moment, I said, I’m a little busy ( on my phone ).

There followed sighing/ muttering.

After a couple of minutes…
‘ You should be really grateful, you know?’

For what, I said …

That someone like me even offers to speak to someone in a fucking wheelchair, like you.
I could just have ignored you, but I didn’t, so you should be grateful’

I said ‘ I don’t need you to talk to me, I’m not a bloody charity case, mate ‘

No, he said, you’re a fucking C***. That’s what you are.

( Ffs, I’m just having a coffee, before I go to The Old Vic to see a play … )

It’s raining, and I’m going to get wet, as it is.

The Latvian lady asks him to leave me alone.
No one else ( of the 10 or so other people in thé place ) does anything.

He’s now swearing constantly, and is evidently about to take a swing at me.

I can’t rotate my body ( metalwork ) and I’m side on to him.
I’m not able to defend myself. I only have a multi tool, with a penknife. I reach for it.

He says ‘ have you pulled a knife on me?’

I said ‘ just go away ?’

He says ‘ I’ve got a much bigger knife, and I’m going to cut you up so bad, your mother won’t recognise you ‘.

( As I said… I’ve just gone for a coffee, and it’s 4 in the afternoon… )

I said loudly ‘ can someone please call the police?’

Then he throws his drink over me..


After he runs off, the staff member passes me her phone. The lady on the phone is a police operator. She asks if I’m a ‘ vulnerable person ‘

I say I’m paralysed and in a wheelchair.
She says thé police will arrive soon!

I say I can’t wait, but would appreciate an officer to interview me.. but not today.

They’ll probably catch this guy.. there were witnesses, and apparently it’s on the Costa CCTV.
Plus he said he ‘lived upstairs’
It shouldn’t take much to get him then.

The police come to mine, later.
I’ll press charges and the guy will get a conviction. Then he’ll probably lose his job.
Well, that’ll be fair.

What a total twat.

4 thoughts on “The incident.

  1. What a total arse!
    I wonder if he was on something to make him so oblivious to what people were saying to him and so aggressive in response?
    It’s terrifying to feel unable to respond to violence, I really really feel for you, love.
    I look forward to hearing about him being nicked and prosecuted.

    Did you have to go to the theatre stinking of coffee? Yuck!

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