My interview with the police took about 2 hours.

The ‘ compulsory questions’ that were not related to the actual crime .. included

My sexual orientation
The gender I identify as
My ethnicity
Whether or not I considered myself disabled ( and then in what way )
Whether I thought the crime was racially motivated
Whether it can have caused community tensions ( and if so, how? And if not, why?)
How did the crime make me feel.
How has it affected me emotionally
Whether or not I have a support group
If so, who are they
What nature of things am I comfortable sharing with them
Have I had counselling since the incident
Would I like victim counselling
Could the assailant have been part of a terrorist organisation
Could he have planned to targeted me

And perhaps another Yes/ No questions.

My answers will be sent for analysis…

That’s good.

I went through the account of the incident probably 4 times.
The officer was clearly following the procedure he is obliged to.

The ‘ essential information’ could have been gathered in 10 minutes or so.


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