Thank you.

I’d like to thank all those people who messages me and offered to meet up this weekend. 

It’s very touching to feel wanted I can tell you 
As it was, I really wanted to see as much of my daughters as possible so had to say no to my generous friends. I don’t see the girls in the week as they’re in school with all that that involves, so I’ve got to try to max out my weekend opportunity.  
I’m sure any parent understands this sentiment. Going 5 days a week without them is hard enough without also overcommit ing myself on the weekends. 
As time goes by this’ll get easier and my improvements in mobility will help a lot too. 
I find my wheelchair bloody hard work. 
On YouTube everyone seems to have nifty lookin chairs – think mine is anything but… 
I’ll talk to SM and see what they say…

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