Back in SM.

After another 2 days at home I’m back here in SM

I can’t say for a moment that I look forward to coming back here. It’s not that there’s anything dreadful about the place, but it’s no substitute for home. 
Dani was her usual caring, efficient and incredible self. Her love for me i know knows no limit. She’d do ( and does ) anything for me, literally. 
On our wedding day, she agreed to unite with me ‘for better or for worse’. 
On that day she would have had no idea just how much worse things would be. For myself I couldn’t ever foresee how much I would have to rely on her 18 years later. 
For those of you that know her, her coping will probably hold no surprises. Dani’s girlfriends hold her in such high regard, for being so able, being the perfect mother, and for being so bloody academic at the same time. Her employers, Osborne Clarke solicitors,  have been so flexible since my accident and I’d like to thank them so very  sincerely for their sympathy and empathy during this pretty dire time for her. 

This weekend was spent mostly by ourselves, really what we needed as a family. My bum sore has gotten no worse for the trip home, and it looks like this week,  at last, I’ll be on a proper rehab timetable. 
I’m pretty sure my chair is not helping me. It needs a smaller backrest to enable me to move more, and push better. I guess that kinda thing’ll be addressed this week. 
I’d like to congratulate the kids for absolutely thrashing me at Cluedo. I’ve not played since 12 yrs old, the age Lily ( the victor ) is now. God, those girls’s bluffing game totally befuddled me!
Next week I’ll be wiser to their tactical agility, though fear I’ll still get my sore ass whipped. 

( I’ve just heard that there are a MILLION sheep in Wales. That’s about one per four Welsh men, so def room for more sheep then.) 

Hope you all had as lovely a weekend as I did. 
Russ x

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  1. Russy Wussy, so glad to hear you had a lovely, peaceful weekend at home with your girls. I totally agree with you about Dani. As a sister she has always been someone that I have looked up to but never more than now, her capabilities go from strength to strength. She is utterly amazing as are you. xxxx

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