Thank you.

To Marky P for his DIY help. I now have a shelf just above me when I lie in bed, from which I can reach everything that I need whilst in bed.

When you can’t actually get out of bed to get things, the only solution is to have all those things either in bed with you, which is how it has been, or within reaching distance. Since my metalwork restricts me so much, I can’t get things from a bedside table, as I can’t turn, so above my head is the only option left. I don’t think it would be sensible to have hot drinks put there… one slip and I’m boiled alive etc, but anything else is ok.

Also thanks for repairing the blind bracket that was coming off, and unpacking the TV that bloody Curry’s delivery service did not… today I shall be wheeling up there to kick off bigtime. I don’t like complaining, but Jeez they really let me down.

Do go and see The White Crow at the Flics.. excellent film about ole Rudy Nureyev, the ballet dancer who defected from Russia back in my childhood. Amazing how much the world has changed since then… but I guess I’m quite old so actually it was a long time ago!

8/10 for me for the film.

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