Having got out all my leather gear – gloves, cap and studded jockstrap, we went to Heaven to see Kimbra.
Leigh ( girl’s name on red blooded bloke ) was there, Bev ( girl’s name on girl ) and Wendy too of course, all appropriately attired ( say no more ) with me in the special box reserved for the wheelchair. Can’t complain, it was definitely a good view from which to see the cool lady herself. She’s pretty out there is Kimbra, and looked as fit as…… in her tassled suit kinda thing- like a walking and singing beaded curtain she was, to an audience probably well acquainted with beads for all sorts of ‘alternative’ reasons. You’ll have to google it if you don’t know, cos this is a family blog….

Kimbra 7/10 for me – great but not my thing really. Leigh ( girl’s name on macho guy ) probably gave her 9 or 10, so yes, she was good.


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