Sweaty night out.

I was out last night. The Carer s job is to accompany me.

I just couldn’t face having to look after her, so I went alone.

It was 10 Miles by Triride to Kentish Town, to meet Leigh, to see The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club in a sweaty Forum, and 10 miles Back in the dark.

It was still easier to just go by myself.

The band was great. 8/10.

Id shared my location with Bogrolla on WhatsApp, so she’d know exactly where I was at all times.

Needless to say she didn’t look at it, so had no idea I was coming back ( that was the whole point )

Anyway I eventually got in.

This morning I mentioned that she had had 6 hours off and wondered what she’d done, as the bins were all full. She said she had to make my bed ( it’s a Sheet and a duvet ) I asked how long that had taken? She said half an hour.

I asked why it took her so long. She said ‘ well normally my husband helps me ‘.

Good Grief.

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