Hi Russell


Thank you for your email, I have checked her file and she has had experience of looking after a person with paralysis and states her strengths as being organised. I am not sure where walking into the glass door has come from or being forgetful and miss placing things. The Polish team are contacting Bog**** now to find out what happened with walking into the glass door as an incident report needs to be raised.



I have asked the team to look for another care worker for you, the change over will be ideally next week – however I am away on annual leave next week so another of my colleagues will be there to do the introduction.


Please can I ask that all emails are directed to me and not to Magdalena as she cannot action any points or concerns raised, also I need line of sight on what is happening.


As soon as we have a profile I will forward to you


Kind regards

M**** ****

Care Manager

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