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When you are in a wheelchair you can’t do zillions of things because you either you can’t even get near to em, in the first place, or once there you aren’t physically capable of partaking.
But you can do things involving talking, listening and looking at stuff. Me n Marky P couldn’t get into a lecture the other day, because it had been cancelled, so we crossed the road to the nearest accessible place and went in there. That was the V&A in London. It’s an old building but there are lots of ramps, and the odd lift here and there. Couple of modern guys that we are, we then paid extra ( well I did, and he got in free as my helper – see, the perks of hanging around with me go on and on… ) to go up in the lift and see the Quant exhibition. Mary Q was the girl that revolutionised fashion, pretty much. She got a lot to answer for really. At one time only the slim and beautiful wore her style of clothing … but I think she’d turn, or more like spin at high speed, if she saw the munters ( that’s a brilliant Welsh bit of offensive slang there ) that trundle around in mini skirts on Friday nights all around the world.
Go and see the exhibition – it’s brilliant. The designs she created are so very cool ( when worn by those she intended to wear em ) and there is lots of video of her talking too. Back then clothes were expensive, if you wanted to dress in anything other than granny outfits, but she changed that, introducing fashion for the ( middle class ) masses. People definitely valued anything from Quant, and the less well heeled would save up to buy something from her shops, then wear the item to death. These days of disposable fashion, that’s inconceivable to most women, isn’t it?

Anyway, aside from that a comedy club was accessible on Wendy’s birthday, the Royal Geograpical Society nights continue to tempt me into Kensington, as does the odd visit to the Science Museum. Museums do seem by and large very accessible, as are modern cinemas. I saw the new Terminator film on Monday. Blimmin load of rubbish. You’d think that 30 years after the original film making might have progressed, but it hasn’t has it? It’s just lots of CGI fighting and destruction scenes with virtually no plot. In this one it’s all about female heroines. The baddy is male, but all the goodies are chicks, both human and ‘ enhanced human ‘. It just doesn’t work though ( he said without meaning to be sexist ).

And if you wanna see loads of enhanced women in the flesh, just go the West London. The Plastic Fantastic are everywhere. BOBFOC is the byword you could say ..


Body Off Baywatch Face Off Crimewatch…

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