And I’m still in hospital. Going a little stir crazy. It’s definitely like being in a prison, though an open one. Paralysis is like a prison too of course, an athletic man locked inside a body that doesn’t move. So I’m in a prison that’s in a prison at the moment.

I can break out of one, but never the other. One is a light sentence and the other a life sentence ( where life means life )

Aside from that constant, and this temporary, im ok. Thé anaesthetic definitely affects me mentally, and 2 weeks on im sort of back to normal inside my head. Dark thoughts were a bit rampant, there was a euphoria briefly too, then a hopelessness, a resignation, some optimism shot through here and there, a few laughs too. I’ve even watched some TV – the Bodyguard thing ( ok tho a bit far fetched ! ) and The Apprentice ( which is apparently really popular). Why on Earth is that show highly rated? The contestants are on the whole pretty dense and are encouraged to stab each other in the back at every opportunity, followed by lots of hugging and high fives when they don’t get fired.

It’s bloody weird frankly. If I had employees like that I’d be looking to get rid. Obviously it’s a competition, with one winner but the connivance and two facedness surely aren’t qualities that are admirable in anyone. Would you seriously want to work FOR any of those people, or for Sugar? If kids think that this is how the workplace is then they are mistaken ( and I do hope that the workplace never becomes Sugarfied. Trust, respect and teamwork all the way, for me )

The picture enclosed is the Apprentice version of Teamwork…

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  1. I always say I am not going to watch the Apprentice but I usually watch the first episode and then I have to start watching it. I know they are a bunch of idiots but watching them makes me feel that I am quite clever. Love Margaret x x

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