Speedy GonDawkez.

I was in Kew the other day.
A lady walked up to me and said ‘ that’s a really cool Wheelchair’

I explained it was a wheelchair with an attachment on the front, which made it into a vehicle, that was actually quite fast!

She asked why I was in a chair etc and I told her.

She said ‘ do people stop you and comment on your chair?’

I said yes, especially teenagers and blokes in their 20’s, who always tell me it’s sick.

I said I get filmed quite a lot by people in cars as well. Filmed in general quite a lot, because I go so fast.

Then she said ‘ yes, I’ve filmed you myself’
I said ‘ have you?! ‘

She said ‘ yes. I sent the video to my mum. She said ‘ what the hell is that ?’ .. I said it’s this guy who speeds around in this crazy wheelchair ‘.

She said ‘ a video of you is bound to go viral at some point!’

Mmmm well I don’t mind… unless the Feds then come knocking! 😂

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