Kerry and I went to see The Carpenters Story in Richmond Theatre last night.

Because of it, I managed to miss Wales dispatching Ukraine from the World Cup. Now obviously everyone else in the world wanted Ukraine to win. Well they need a bit of morale boosting for sure.
But not at the expense of the Welsh !!
I’d be happy to see England step down and offer their place to Ukraine… but cmon, no way the Welsh should have to do that.

Anyway, I missed it, but saw The Carpenters Story.
I was expecting to see an enactment of the band formation, their global success, and then ultimately Karen sadly dying at 32, as a complication of anorexia.

We didn’t get that tho. Instead it was essentially a tribute band with a bit of background video footage.
And there was no way the lady singing was suffering from anorexia either. She looked more like she might have eaten Karen Carpenter. .. 😳

I’m concerned about Kerry. She’s online dating, and I think she may be about to fall for a Tinder Swindler type character.
Now I’ve watched the ( hilarious ) romance scam morning TV programs. Suave, athletic, Clooney’esque guy living abroad has telephone’ love affair’ with large ( I mean ‘ cuddly’ ) , granny looking, cat loving lady in Slough, who is then persuaded to hand over ever increasing amounts of cash, apparently to ‘ get a document released from customs / pay for an emergency medical procedure/ provide temporary funds after a mugging etc etc ‘

Kerry’s ‘ fella ‘ lives in Marseille, is selling his business, having a beautiful house built, has to come to London soon to ‘ sign documents’ at a solicitors. … mmmm ok then!
I’ve signed lots of stuff of late, from lawyers. They were all based about 5 miles away, yet I did all the signing remotely, using tech/ apps like Docusign to do it.
Now this fella is apparently having to catch planes to travel to a different country to sign his forms. Mmmmm. Just can’t see it. Obvs I’ve told K, and am finding it all very amusing, but she’s convinced she’ll be the next Mrs Brad Pitt soon, instead.
She’s too tight to loan anyone any money, so his dastardly plan isn’t going to work out for him, but I’m watching with interest!

I had planned to get a train to Oxford on Sunday, to see Lily, but the forecast said torrential rain… so I didn’t go.
Doh – it didn’t rain at all til about 10pm !
2022 forecasts aren’t that much better than the old ones used to be!

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