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Just had a lovely chat with Danibelle.  Dad (Dr Al) and Wendy arrived yesterday shortly followed by Lisa and Andrew.  They went to visit Russ yesterday and disappointingly for them all Russ was sedated due to the procedure that Dani described yesterday.

This morning they arrived to find poor Russ face down on a massage style bed (with a hole for his face).  They have kept him sedated for the duration of today as having him lying face down is the quickest way to clear his chest and drain the mucus.

The nurse on duty today was new and didn’t have the same command of the English language as her colleagues have shown previously but it is assumed by some crude translations that Russ will be under further sedation for the rest of today and with his previous track record for waking after sedation we can probably assume that he won’t be awake tomorrow either.  This is  probably the best thing for him as it will be very disorientating for him to come around face down.

Russ’s scar from his initial surgery on his back (bone realignment) is healing well although he does have a large haemotoma above the wound.  This is not giving any cause for concern though.

On a positive note, my dad has checked in to the most glamorous hotel in Toulon (this will come as no surprise to those of you that know my dad!) and has whisked everyone off there for supper and a late afternoon swim!

Dani, Amber, Dad, Wendy, Lisa and Andrew are all flying home tomorrow so Russ will be on his own for 24 hours for the first time since his arrival…. 🙁
…..Thankfully Roy will be there late Monday pm…hopefully he will be awake by then.

Oh and Russ ….still nothing to report ….bloody Kate hasn’t had the baby yet…  🙂  Loads of love  Margo xxxxx

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  1. Oh Chris, I am so pleased with above and so sorry that I hadn’t paid attention to ‘my calendar’, I am really relieved that Russ will have some good company…I think he will be too. I will make sure Dani knows too, I am sure she will be hugely
    relived that Russ will have a good mate with him. Give the boy a hug from me. xxx 🙂

  2. Looks like our arrival is well timed. Arriving Sunday early pm and staying through Monday so will have Russ all to ourselves. Lets hope he is out of sedation so that I can bring him up to speed on all the important news i.e. that Froome is just about to win the Tour, Westwood is 2 up going into the final day, and England are making Australian cricket suffer – second thoughts scrap the last two: golf and cricket never were your thing, Russ – and your beloved Welsh rugby captain Warburton is out for 4 months, so may miss the Autumn rugby series.

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