Chris and Caroline Bennfors

Chris and Caroline arrived in Toulon today, this is Chris’s message:

To aid Russ’ recovery from the recent lung infection, he is spending time intermittently between lying on his back and on his front. We have been to see Russ twice today, the first time being greeted by his front and the return visit by his backside. Very charming! It’s obviously been frustrating for everyone to see Russell make good progress and then receive this knock to his recovery. But that as we understand is the way of a serious injury. 

During our mid-afternoon visit Russ lay there peacefully listening to Caroline and myself reminisce in the hope that he can hear us, and take in the memories as a some sort of recovery pill. Caroline is convinced that the odd well chosen raised eye brow, movement of the arm and mumbling shows he’s tuned in! Russ remained totally impassive when we mentioned the Ashes victory, and Westwood losing out to Mickleson in the Open, but were convinced there was twitch of the eye brows when we mentioned Froomes win. 

Very glad we could be here, and fill in the gap between other visitors. 

Love from us both 

Chris & Caroline

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