So far, then.

Well I’m 22 hours of no food and I haven’t felt hungry- I am looking at the dark chocolate on the table occasionally, but it’s minimal interest. I don’t have any less energy and i do actually feel sharper I’d say, and definitely not in any way tetchy.

My bloating has gone down over the last few days with my diet change, and I’m eating charcoal tablets  too. You do have to buy them, you can’t just burn some wood and then eat that….

Also I’ve chewed a clove of garlic every day for 4 days….

Benefits –

Without eating you seem to have a lot more time!

My tongue is black and my breath stinks, so far less harassment from females.

Not a single bite off a vampire.

Flatter stomach I’d say, already.

Saved money on food.

Ive not taken sleeping tablets for 4 days either – I sleep for 6/7 hours, but  more alert on waking. Because I sleep less, I’m more tired at bedtime so more inclined to go to bed before 12.. no downsides 🙂


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