Saturday night fever

Just after a conversation with a friend where I mentioned that I never ( or historically hardly ever ) get ill, as in colds/ coughs/ viral infections etc ( I’ve never had a headache- as in not once ) … I start to feel cold, like really cold. It’s 12 degrees and I have to Triride a mile or 2 from Sevenoaks town to Lizzy’s house, and I start to properly shiver.
When I get there, despite a fan heater pointed at me for an hour, I’m really cold.
After her ( significant ) help onto her sofa, I fall asleep ( for 4 hours) and then eventually once in bed I sleep for another 11 hours and am drenched in sweat.
I have a random dream where there are massive plastic animals going past the window of the house I’m in, and then when I go outside the street is full of objects on fire, with hundreds of people looking on in horror.
Then I say I’d like to go back, because now Lizzy is with me, but she helps me into a small car parked outside her house, in a muddy field, and tells me to go to sleep. When I ask if it would be ok if I just came into the house instead, she just looks at me awkwardly, and despite my plaintive requests she doesn’t let me in… and the car smells a lot of dogs.

When this morning I told Lizzy about my dream, she was quite upset that I should think so badly of her. Well it’s alright for you, I said, you didn’t have to sleep in a cold, wet car.

Me saying that wasn’t helpful. 😂

Anyway I’ve now always got the ‘ don’t make me sleep in the car ‘ line at hand if I ( heaven forbid ) want to make her feel bad!

Oh, and she gave me a lateral flow COVID test ( it’s not pleasant, is it, and made a really gag – but at least that implies I did it properly ) and it was negative.

So, for the first time in a long time ( other than the nastiness of spinal cord injury stuff ) I’ve actually been ill.
But as always with me, ill be better within 24 hours.

I’ve still got the constitution of a Welsh sheep then.

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