Saturday March 28th 2015

Sheila has been an absolute star this week.
We’ve been out a lot, and she’s rarely left my side.
She’s been about as helpful as a person could be, and I’m going to miss her once she’s gone.

I certainly owe her one, and for what it’s worth, I’ll be a friend to her for life.

We both met a 14 year old, named Kyle, in the gym on the 9 th floor of the hospital.

I asked him what had happened, to put him in a chair.
Perfectly calmly he said that it was a gunshot.

After a short pause, he clarified, saying that he’d been taken to a party by his parents, at the age of three.
Whilst there, he wandered into a bathroom, where the owner of the house had left a loaded gun.

With which an innocent 3 year old had shot himself in the chest, the bullet passing through his spinal cord, paralysing him from the point of injury downwards.

My eldest is nearly 14, and I think it would be fair to say, that other than the pain of my injury, has led a stress free life. She is a very happy teenager.

I looked at Kyle and yet, despite their drastic differences in fortune, could see no difference in their apparent state of contentment with life.


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