I chose little Dicky Bird because he was the smallest of the lot in the shop, and I thought he needed looking after a bit. From the start he didn’t seem that coordinated in his flight, or have much energy ( compared to Miss Fanny )

Last night when we got home he was huddled in a corner of his little home, which I thought wasn’t a positive sign, so we put a little woolly hat in there for him to possibly sit in. However he just found a gap behind it and hid himself in there.

This morning Wendy got up to go to work and came back from the lounge in floods of tears. Yes, the little fella was in the same place but no longer with us.

I asked Wendy to take him out and wrap him in a little bag, so Fanny wouldn’t see him, and to reduce the chances of her being infected with something I suppose. They had never actually been in contact with one another so hopefully she’s fine.

Wendy texted me just now to ask me to check on Dicky in his plastic bag to see if perhaps he’d been in a coma, rather than deceased…. she asked me to leave a gap in the bag, when I pointed out that if he had been in a coma then he’d be dead now from a lack of oxygen?

My carer and I shall disinfect Dicky’s home and I’ll leave it a bit before seeking another chum for Fanny.

( no Monty Python Dead Parrot jokes please….)

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