Just been to watch Top Gun at an open air cinema. It’s like bloody November, not mid June out there…

Anyway, I remember seeing Top Gun the first time around and not really liking it that much.

Seeing it again, decades later, I see it’s essentially a film about ‘ who is marginally the least arrogant tosser, out of a whole line up of major tossers ‘.

Tom Cruise is painful, but as above is just about the least painful.

There are lots of bits of the young pilot types with their shirts off in it. What is it about 40+ women these days that they are so openly drooling over young blokes? It’s changed so much from a while back when it might have been men that expressed a bit of admiration for young totty, but in the presence of their female partners they’d not have shown it. Now though, women quite clearly with their husbands, who are also around other women, just seem to have no hesitation in expressing ‘their excitement ‘ at seeing a young, fit fella. I think if husbands did that they’d definitely be in the shit with their wives! Just a social observation of mine…

So Top Gun – bit of a classic, but a load of tosh really.

2 thoughts on “TG

  1. As a 50+ woman I promise that when I see young shirtless chaps I generally worry about them getting a chill on their kidneys if they haven’t got a vest on.

    I DO look longingly at chaps my own age, and I’m very partial to a silver fox, but there is something decidedly icky about drooling over someone who’s young enough to be my son.

    I have, however, been known to tell my goddaughter that she could do worse than e.g. the lovely Leigh Halfpenny.

    1. Ahh Lisa, you were doing SO well until the last bit!
      At which point you revealed your Cougar credentials..

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