Rhod ( the sod ) – as we would call him in Wales

I went to see Rhod Gilbert last night with Roy and Caroline, and my helper. He is very funny for sure, his Welshness adding to his comedy in a big way.

He’s not from the same part as me, but the humour is similar to that which I grew up with. Lots of piss take is at the core of it ( though without cruelty or any malice ).

I think that’s what the English don’t get about the Welsh sense of humour – we say some really really terrible things but don’t mean them in the slightest. It’s all just for a laugh. We can do it to each other all day long and no one is in the slightest bit offended, but it doesn’t travel beyond Wales that well, and you get yourself in trouble, particularly now the world has gone politically correctly mad. Welsh people won’t be able to say anything at all that is funny to them before too long, I can see it coming.

Rhod 10/10.

Drinks prices at the Hammersmith Apollo- scandalously 1/10.

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