Quattro ( Audi not Suzy )

Since my disastrous surgery in 2016 that left me unable to just push around outside in a regular wheelchair, I’ve been obliged to buy power attachments.
Also I’ve not been able to just transfer into a car and drive off. Far more complicated now aka far more expensive to get solutions.

Today I got the Triride rear half. Thé trouble with just the front wheel power only is
1. It slips and skids in the wet – dangerous as f:::
2. The front tyre wears away fast as that’s where all the traction ( friction ) is.
3. Going uphill in the wet is sometimes impossible.
4. Going up a steep ramp eg into a train is well dodgy since it involves a fast approach and ‘ run up ‘ meaning that anyone or anything at the top of the ramp that suddenly appears WILL get injured/ damaged.
5. Having only one powered wheel means that anything at all that goes wrong with it mechanically equals Game Over.

Well as of today I have All Wheel Drive. I can choose front/ back or all wheel power. Now I can go up any ( smooth ) slope as slowly as I like. Sand and gravel and grass are no longer impossible, and if my front wheel fails I still have the rear.
Also I can go far further than before.
REGULARLY I am down to my last 20 percent of power with 2 miles still to go – always at night and often when it’s cold and wet.
Well no more! Sure it’ll still be dark, cold and wet, but I can chill about batteries running out.

Happy birthday to me then.

Early! 😊🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿❤️♿️

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